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We've banned our contractors and partners from using controversial nets to stop birds from nesting on sites we're building or extending - with their full support. The is a great victory for #NestsNotNets

IAP Response

Today we are responding to the tough challenges our regulator Ofwat set us over our business plan for the five years starting in 2020.

Could water labelling provide water for life?

Could water labelling help provide water for life?

Southern Water has been at the forefront of water efficiency, through our universal metering campaign and other water efficiency work, we're really proud that our region has a much lower average of 129 litres per person per day. But we know that we can - and must - go even further.

Water for life

Water for life

We all know that water is the stuff of life.  It's what we drink, what helps grow our food and literally helps us make everything we use. Put simply, it's what we're made of.